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Because we're all in this together

Welcome and thank you for connecting. 


RISING UP is a loving community for you to connect with self and others in a heart-centred way. To be part of an evolving community of like-hearted Souls. Where we can all simply be ourself with vulnerability and strength. Through which we can travel our individual and collective journeys with greater wisdom, awareness and that invaluable sense of belonging.


Each month we offer FREE fortnightly online gatherings for all to feel the loving connection and learn and grow in the process, as well as online and in person workshops, retreats and events for all to deep dive even further.

We hope you'll join us at one of our upcoming community gatherings, be it online or in person, so we can give you a warm hug and together we can learn from each other and strengthen our sense of connection.

Our Community Intent...

Our intent is to co-create an open-hearted, interconnected community that supports, uplifts and empowers each other through self-discovery and growth for all to rise up and shine bright that together we may all truly live, love and thrive.

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About Us

Our Inspiration...

So many people are tired of feeling isolated, of having to strive to succeed, of feeling like we're doing the journey on our own.


We feel inspired to create a space where we can feel like we belong, that we are part of something bigger than self, for us to heal the sense of separation, competition and disconnection that causes difficulties in our individual and shared experiences.


We seek to actively utilise the power of inner and outer connection and relationships to foster a greater sense of interconnection and belonging as we appreciate we are all in this together.


The only agenda we have within this growing community is to

help each person individually and collectively to rise up so all may fully live, love and thrive together.

The Energy We Are Seeding..

Some may call it our community 'values.' We prefer to see it as the energy we wish to actively seed in the world in service for the benefit of the greater good of all who are touched by it.

We nurture and share a community spirit of:

Acceptance, respect, valuing all as significant contributors

Kindness, compassion, care

Real and raw honesty, learning from our differences

Active sharing and engagement, as together we build bridges

of connection with all members of the community

Service to others and self

Collaboration, celebration and FUN!


We don't aim to be perfect in this...

however we acknowledge each person is a unique individual filled with limitless potential, here to shine bright in service in the world as we awaken to our inner magnificence. Anything we can do to foster and strengthen this inner and outer knowing is part of the energy we wish to offer.

Community Gatherings

We invite you to join us for our fortnightly live online gatherings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month (or 1st and 3rd Tuesday depending on your timezone). This is a completely FREE offering during which we will:

  • Create the space to connect with self and all within the community

  • Check in to see how everyone is doing, especially during these times of change and uncertainty

  • Explore and discuss a different topic of self-discovery, personal awareness and growth, that together we can learn and evolve in our appreciation of self and others

  • Learn new tools, processes and helpful tips to assist each of us on our individual and shared journeys

  • Evolve and respond to whatever might be arising within the community that might benefit all within it


Each call will be online from the comfort of your home - how easy is that!?! To join simply connect with our Private Facebook Group here: 

Or you can connect with us by going into Facebook and searching for 'RisingUp.CommunityGroup' and ask to join the private Facebook Group.


Once your request has been approved by one of our Founding Luminaries, you will see the latest event information so you can join us at our next online gathering so you too can experience the loving welcome and sense of inclusion this community of like-hearted family members provides.

Restorative Retreats


After everything that's happened over the past 2 years, if you're like most people you're probably totally over the whole Covid-19 situation and could really do with a much needed break to realign, reboot and reset your energy. To take stock of what has been and to move into the new energy of 2022.

Whatever the reason, if you feel like you could do with a break to pause and reset, this is your invitation to join Juliet and Yvette at their beautiful property on the Central Coast just 1hr north of Sydney for a weekend of inner healing and transformation to help anchor, ground and rebalance your energy. 

Upcoming Events

Rising Up - Founding Visionaries:

The Rising Up Community has been founded by Juliet Martine and Yvette Annand. Lifelong friends and colleagues from opposite sides of the world, they now work together in conscious collaborative community at the Rising Up Centre, founded at a wonderful property on the Central Coast of NSW just one hour north of Sydney.


Yvette Annand: Passionate about evoking transformation and growing conscious, connected people and community. Empowerment Coach, Leadership Consultant and Mindfulness Teacher


Juliet Martine: Energy Healer, Manifestation Coach & Spiritual Teacher for 20 years. Helping individuals shift their energy, clear their blockages and move forward with greater clarity, ease and heartfelt joy.

Visit the Centre for the Rising Up Community

From time-to-time we will offer events at our Centre, just one hour north of Sydney.

However members of the Rising Up Community are welcome to visit any time to take in the beautiful healing energy here. If you would like to arrange a visit and/or overnight stay, please email or message us using the contact details below.

Founding Visionaries

Stay Connected:

We'd love to connect and for you to be part of the energy of this beautiful warm-hearted community. To be notified about upcoming gatherings and live events, simply fill in your details below and we'll be in touch with the latest updates!

Thanks for submitting! We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Stay Connected


If you'd like to connect or you have any questions, feel free to contact our Founding Visionaries:

Juliet Martine - call +61 (0)413199649 or email at


Yvette Annand - call +61(0)490949064  or email at

Contact Us
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